Letter of Recommendation

Julia Sytnik
3a Inglezi St, apt 201
Odessa, Ukraine, 65011
+38 (096) 35-63-17
To whom it may concern:
I would like to recommend Marina Voievodina as a brilliant English Language
Center. In her position as an ELT, Marina was employed in our school from 2015-2016.
Marina did an excellent job in this position. As a teacher, Marina was popular,
enthusiastic and innovative. She taught almost all levels from A1 to B2 as well as all ages.
Her industry, professionalism and humor was well appreciated by Ss and the school within a
year. Her enthusiasm for both teaching and the language itself was most evident in her
successful courses. Marina was also a Head Teacher of the Summer Day School for Young
Learners and in charge of various outdoor weekend activities within a year. Marina has
excellent written and verbal communication skills, is well-organized, can work both
independently and in a team, and is able to effectively multi-task to ensure that all the
projects are completed in a timely manner.
Marina is not only an excellent teacher, but an absolutely great and creative person.
She is always willing to help and has an excellent rapport with her colleagues and students.
She would be an asset to any employer, and I highly recommend her for any endeavor she
chooses to pursue.
Julia Sytnic
Academic Manager
Odessa Language Study Center
65014, Odessa, Ukraine
10 Marazlievskaya St.,
+38 (0482) 34-77-98