Fine Art Print

This week I got one of my pictures printed. There is something in printing your work, and not just printing it as you would print your usual pictures, but as big size (mine is 16×24), mounted and ready to be displayed to the audience.

I chose one of my favorite photos I took this semester, Turquoise Mason Jars.

I took this photo when we went on the field trip for my digital imaging class to Bannack, Montana. There were a lot of houses that I went that day, many of them didn’t have anything inside, but a number of old wallpaper layers. The house with these jars was the first one to feel and look like home. The kitchen was the first room I entered and then I saw them: turquoise, clear and so homey! I loved how the curtains added to the whole color composition! These simple artifacts showed me how much we have in common with people from the past! Our life is in little details, like these ones, that go unnoticeable in everyday life.

Even though I loved how jars were the focal point, but it felt a little too dark for the final print.

I’ve found out that there are several tricks about printing: it usually prints darker, you have to know the printer you’re using and adjusting your screen brightness can help you to know how dark you should go in your edits.

Original shot
Camera Raw edits

As I mentioned before that the images are usually turn out darker on print, I did some brightening in Photoshop.

I added a lot of different layers to work on one detail at a time. First I added the brightness layer to adjust my exposure, I also added the selective color layer, so I can pop up the turquoise color more. I also wanted to make my focus really stand out, so with smart sharpen I sharpened my jars and look how pristine they turned out!

While raising my exposure the background cupboards got lighter too, but I didn’t want it to distract from the main subject, so adding a mask and darkened them just a bit.

This is what I’ve got at the end! Love love love it!

Final Photo for Print


Advertisements Photography Contest

I recently discovered that there are different websites where you can enter a photo contest to win some nifty prizes for photographers.

The one I found having a lot of different categories was I has some great photos that you can just look at for the inspiration. There are contest that you can enter for free and some require some additional cost. But, what attracted me the most in the website is the prizes you can get. A lot of them were cameras or different lenses that for me as a beginner photographer is huge!

So I put myself to the challenge and enter with my two photos

I took this picture at Bannack Ghost Town. It was one of the old houses and it had this little kitchen as you enter the house. I loved the jars and how the curtains complement it with the matching color.

I put this one under the rule of thirds category and thought that it would fit perfectly! You can look and vote for it here

The second category I chose was the Spring Colors and I submitted the picture of these beautiful blossoms and my friend in the background.

Vote if you like this one here

Fingers crossed I might get something!

My Top 5 of the Semester!

When I was going through all of the photos I took this semester, my first photos were far from great, but Einstein wasn’t great at the beginning neither 🙂 So here are my best 5! I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do!

Mason Jars, Bannack, Montana, 2018
Cherries, Rexburg, Idaho, June 2018
Sunrise over the tracks, Rexburg, Idaho, June 2018
Purple leaf, Rexburg, Idaho, June 2018
Cowboy, Banack, Montana, June 2018


My first Photobook

It’s been a whole new adventure for me and a photography! First DSRL camera, first time shooting in manual, first time shooting using additional light, experimenting with angles and perspectives. It still fills like drinking from the firehouse, but I love it!

I learned that challenge can be pleasant and rewarding. That’s how I feel every time I finish editing. This Photobook is my masterpiece, take a look! I called it Beuty in Simplicity because this photography emersion helped me to see the beauty of small and ordinary things.


Marco Photography

I felt like Macro Photography is like another world! There are things that you can create the “magic”adding some water drops, like this rose I took a picture of in class,  and there is the nature itself, where you just have to open your eyes wider.

I loved shooting macro, even though I hated how long it sometimes would take to focus. But the results are just mesmerizing!


I found this leaf just outside, the sprinkles just watered the grass and it turned out perfect for capturing this plant.
I took this picture in class. I added some “crystals” to the composition that turned out to look like ice.
I was snacking on some cherries and this one just popped to my eye. It was brighter than the other and I thought, why not to shoot it before it’s gone!
While my break before classes I went outside and found these pine cones. It was so bright outside, so I didn’t even need extra light. Worked out perfectly!




Landscape Photography

I think I’m officially got converted to golden hour shoots, or I finally learned the beauty of planning my shoots before hand. I was looking for some fun locations around the town and places to shoot. One of my friend recommended this place with the bridges and tracks.

First I came there for the sunset time, but the sun set down really fast and I didn’t the photo series I needed for the assignment. Seems like I love doing things the hard way, so I decided to go to the same location, but during the sunrise! Getting up at 5 a.m. seemed a lot of a hustle, but that morning sun was totally worth it!

For this assignment I was taking a landscape photography, with different perspective, but having the same subject in focus. I chose train as my object and I felt like I climbed all over it. And here what I got!

We climbed on top of the train with my friend and I capture her hand in the photo

In the last picture I added a little texture to make it a fun image. I dowloaded this wrinkle leather texture from,  overlay it over my photo  and change the opacity of the texture layer to 23% in Photoshop. Here’s what it came our after.

End result:

Bannack – Fine Art

Bannack seems to breath its history! Even though we had models to bring up the spirit of Gold Rush times of Bannack, but the  houses and things inside were the models itself! Wondering around made me think of people who used to live there and what stories they would tell if they were still alive?

Local trees are such an interesting mix of colors


Suitcases by the hotel


Constantly watching


House by the road


Old barns