My first Photobook

It’s been a whole new adventure for me and a photography! First DSRL camera, first time shooting in manual, first time shooting using additional light, experimenting¬†with angles and perspectives. It still fills like drinking¬†from the firehouse, but I love it! I learned that challenge can be pleasant and rewarding. That’s how I feel every time¬†I […]

Bannack Ghost Town – Creative Photography

These are my creative pictures in Bannack, Montana. It includes Ghost, Levitation, Conceptual< Fine Art and Commercial Photography. This is a ghost town that tells a story every step you take. The rumors have it that there are ghost that still haunt buildings. This place is full of different stories and makes you imagine all […]

Living with the depression

Stopping by a Counseling Center at university campus I attend in the beginning of the semester, put me in a slight shock. It was just the beginning of the semester, but the facility was already packed.¬† As I stepped inside, I saw many turned their faces down to the magazines or phones. It seemed, everyone […]