Going out of comfort zone


[Hook] In 1961 Yury Gagarin was the first person to go to space leaving familiar of this planet.



  1. Coming to the US – “alien planet”. Georgia airport experience.


  1. Precooked food. Going out of comfort zone teaches how to be flexible.


  1. Teaching kids. Going out of comfort zone teaches how to be innovative.


  1. Everyone has their own comfort zone.



           Going out of comfort zone brings flexibility and creativity needed at work place and at home. Make yourself uncomfortable!


One homeless person saved



[Hook] 60.900. 60.900 homeless people are in shelters in New York. And I will join them tonight. Those were my thoughts as I landed in New York.



  1. Leaving New York dream. Jogging in Central Park, watching Broadway shows on the weekends, going to the beach to Coney Island and shopping in Macy’s.


  1. Felling lost and helpless.


  1. Discovering my uncle. No need for anything.


  1. Breaking down. Discovering that people are good.


  1. Calling to my friend Artiom.


  1. Man on the subway. Dealing with Russian Mafia.


  1. Friend’s place and feeling loved.




            People are good and we need each other to survive. Go out there and save the one.