Photography Contest

I recently discovered that there are different websites where you can enter a photo contest to win some nifty prizes for photographers.

The one I found having a lot of different categories was I has some great photos that you can just look at for the inspiration. There are contest that you can enter for free and some require some additional cost. But, what attracted me the most in the website is the prizes you can get. A lot of them were cameras or different lenses that for me as a beginner photographer is huge!

So I put myself to the challenge and enter with my two photos

I took this picture at Bannack Ghost Town. It was one of the old houses and it had this little kitchen as you enter the house. I loved the jars and how the curtains complement it with the matching color.

I put this one under the rule of thirds category and thought that it would fit perfectly! You can look and vote for it here

The second category I chose was the Spring Colors and I submitted the picture of these beautiful blossoms and my friend in the background.

Vote if you like this one here

Fingers crossed I might get something!


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